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The Blessing by Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes.
Too Good to Not believe by Brandon lake.
He is too Good to not believe he has done so much for me and he has do the same for you.
Give thanks to God you are alive this morning; many went to bed and didn't wake up this morning.
Hello! God bless you all.
I am a Girl.
I am a Christian.
I am 15 yrs of age.
I am very kind and helpful.
I am an inspiring teenager.
I am here to let you guys know the truth.
I like to write songs and I love the Lord.
Not interested in having a boyfriend I am just not interested.😁😁
But friends and bestfriend.
I am here for a reason.
A righteous man never dies but is always asleep.
God is not dead he is alive. He is watching you.
It's not a coincidence your on my page it is because God wanted you toπŸ₯°
I was baptized at 7yrs old. Throughout those years he never failed me.
Favorite song Jireh by Elevation Worship and Maverick city check it out on YouTube.
If you feel like giving up listen to this song Keep on hoping by Riley Clemmons.
Christianity is not a religion it is a way of life and it is about having a relationship with God our father.
I don't have a religion I have a relationship with God.
I only respect God I don't respect religion.
Christians are different.
We are not who the world says we are but who God says we are.
We all are just passers by in this world. We all are here to help others get back on the right path to christ.
Our home is not here it's in heaven so I won't get comfortable in this world. There's two places we gonna go after death when we leave this physical body. Either heaven or hell. Hell wasn't made for us it was made for satan and his Angel's. While we are in this world we should minister to unbelievers and others so they can accept christ. God is coming soon and sooner than we all think.
What are you doing are you wasting time or doing God's work.
I won't force you guys God gave us free will; make the right decision.
I make Christian animation cartoon videos.πŸ˜‡

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