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Hello fellow monsters and humans. I am Flowey, Flowey the flower.

HEY NO DRAMA ON THIS PAGE AT ALL OR I WILL BLOCK THE PERSON STARTING IT BECAUSE THIS IS A DRAMA FREE ZONE! ( unless it’s drama in a roll-play the go ahead 👌 but drama just to be mean or start trash no, then get off of this page right now or get blocked 👌 )

( warning for people. Some cussing will be used. And mean behavior some times. But that’s just for me playing out Flowey. Ok. So if I say something that sounds rude or mean please don’t get to mad or take it personally- it’s just me doing my roll of Flowey. So yeah. Do not take anything you see or hear on this account personally. Thanks! )
Also- please do not ask for fan art on this account. Thankz <:3 .....

Whenever I’m out of character I’ll reply with this “ “ around my comment.

Some stuff bout Flowey.
Age: 15. ( that’s really the best I could find. )
Gender: Male. ( ye )
More later.

Random facty fact TvT
He doesn’t like anyone touching him or booping him or petting him or anything- the reason why is- Flowey is horribly, dreadfully ticklish for how frightening he is, and he HATES it TwT 👌

Photoshop Flowey
This is one of his most powerful forms, granting him so much power that he easily overwrote and deleted the save file of the game. He has several deadly attacks, including dropping nukes on his foes, and using weapons of the Human Souls.———————————————(take out the “F” in foes and put a “T” and you get Toes)

Relationship wise. Frisk - Flowey accompanies Frisk across the Underground. He really likes them and cheers Frisk on. Sans - Sans and Flowey hate each other.

It seems like, reading this sentence, that Sans already fought and beat Flowey many times in the past. But, during the whole game, it doesn't seems like Sans has ever met Flowey at all. Both these statements are true.

Flowey probably thought Chara would see him and be proud that he adopted Chara's ideals. Flowey was scared, because he realized he wasn't exempt from Chara's genocide, he finally saw the terrible reality he was in, right in front of an genocidal mass murderer.

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