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DM me on discord! My profile is: MochiIceCream🍦🍧#4966

#CancelHoffman (while I'm aware alt accounts exist, spreading awareness is important. Add this to your bio if you're against him. To educate yourself on the topic, id recommend @pissy ♡'s post about it, as they go into detail about the while thing. thanks <3)

Hello! I'm really just here to improve my drawing skills. I deleted my old anime maker account but I won't tell what the account is. (Just saying this if u think "how does she know that?", I just know what happened on AM) also, I will try to follow everybody I meet to put a joy in their lives. ALSO pls don't say " can u draw me pls" cuz I will choose who I will draw.

Age: Ahhh...sweet sixteen
Name: Blossom
Pronouns: she/her + they/them
I don't care which one you use, but plz make sure you call me by my correct pronouns

My oc's:

•Blossom• (aka me)

Hair color: honey blondeISH (also wears pigtails but I don't wear them)

Eye color: black (real eye color is blue but she wears black contacts)

Likes: Dears, slime, PIGTAILS, the color purple, bananas (she's banana crazy), cleanliness, soccer

Dislikes: snakes, food, bruises,

Life story: just ask me ok lol


Fur color: Pinkish orange

Eye color: black

Animal: Fox (but purrs like a cat "Mewy!")

Default shirt: dark blue hoodie

Dislikes: other foxes, cake, HUMANS, green, water and mud

Likes: cats, pie, dogs, pinkish orange, dark blue, and aloe

Life story:

Pinky cannot speak that much.



Skin color: pinkish peach

Hair color: dark purple

Eye color: dark purple (same as eyes)

Life story:

Zara was born on the streets, because her dad had kicked her mom out of the house when she accused him of cheating (he was making out with a lot of young girls). When Zara was seven years old, her mom said she'd go for a bit to steal some food (From the super market). But then something horrible happened. It all started when Zara screamed. Because of what? She says she just felt like screaming. Her mom heard it right away, and came running toward their " house"...without looking if there were any cars coming. You can imagine what happened. After all that happened, Zara heard brakes screeching loudly, so she went to check it out. When she got there, a lot of people were crowding around something, chattering around. Zara squeezed through the crowd, trying to figure out who that person was. Then she realized: Wait, what if that was her mom? Zara then saw who it was. "MOM MOM MOM ARE YOU OKAY?!?" Zara said as tears rolled down her cheeks and landed on the concrete. "Are you...okay?" Zara's mother nearly whispered. "YES YES I AM!!!" Zara said, tears rolling down furiously. "I have to go right now...its my time to go..." She said. "I love you very much...don't go near any bad boys...find a good boy...or girl...have your guard up...bye Zara." And with that, she closed her eyes. Fast forward 10 years, Zara is now 17, but doesn't wasn't anything to do with boys. Blossom (aka me :D) rented an apartment for Zara, and gave her a job at an ice cream shop.



Also! Warning: don't follow/look at my posts if ur allergic to bad drawings.

Information about my group, the Ice Cream Lovers!
Yes yes I made a group...

Anybody can join, just ask on one of my posts.

Rules to be in the group:
-Y'all need to say kind to each other. Like plz!!!

Friends (Ask me if u wanna be friends with me!!!):



🧃•j u i c e b o x•🧃


Anything else?

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