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My zodiac is sagittarius♐ and i control fire☀️☄🔥🌋
My age is im not telling u hehe and im not 20😅
My birthday is November 29🍁🍂🍃
Im still in school😑💻📘📓
And i have depression😅🙃
And i support gays🏳️‍🌈
And pls stop Asian hate ._.
Bc im one of them🇻🇳+🇺🇸=me
Why do i have to say im a girl bc i am👌👌
And im 5 feet tall👌👌👌 good for me i guess
I have my own underworld💜💙💚

My fav anime makers: is 🖤panickeyy🖤 and Blur;3 and 🌺thatonejojofan🌺

I cant find the orange thing for 🖤panickeyy🖤

And if you love anime and lovevlife steaming or love watching streams then download ◇REALITY◇ and you can make your own avatar and look like a anime character and play games with people and play videos you can let people join the chat and talk and im on there so if you want to here my voice then join my stream!💜

Oh and you can text on there to⌨📳
Im not a flirty type of person
And wish i never had depression but surprise surprise i do and i am not strong but not weak to👌

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