Flappywolf212 (currently: online GM! :3 :b/can someone make me a crush/likes anything cool or spookay/dislikes pink pink core and stupid people)

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If u r one of my followers just know I'm now calling my followers the flappy family! (If u r one I call u my flappy fam cuz y not but only when I congratulate u 4 joining)

Things to know about me:
I'm currently a single pringle
I might have a crush I'm not telling who if I do
I'm a wolf
I have a robotic eye and a robotic wing(with rockets cup holders and a force feild and so much more) irl I have 2 dogs a cat and a hamster
I like plains
I am not and never will be a bottle I mean boy stupid auto correct (you'll understand if ur ever in a party with me on xbox1)
Irl I am Alexandra but everyone calls me Allie not telling u my middle or last name
I am very lonely but I live with my mom and dad and my younger 2 year old brother and my older 15 year old brother Ryan(older) and Lucas(younger)
Im NOT an outdoors person
I luv singing (irl I've been told alot I have a great singing voice)

ppl I ship:
Chica and Bonnie
Mangle and Ennard
Foxy and mangle
Flare and raindrop (raindrop my friend Sky's oc)
Thunder and Blue Freddy
Storm and Moonlight
Me and nobody cuz no guy would ever luv me :'(
Also I like girls so...
Sorry boys but u have no chance with me!

That's all


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