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I don't have time for long ass bios-
[I cuss so uhm yeah.]

12 (Yes, 12.)
Agender (birth gender female)
I can be flirty at times
I'm the definition of weird <3

AM: how are you reading this lol (I have many other accs but I'll podt them later)
Roblox: my username (Tags so try: LilRat64) - Rightyx_nbonnie5679
YT: you'll see it on my TT.
TT: cringe.righty.person
I don't think I have anymore.

PFP by: me, the ugly rat


Liked own animes = proud of/just wanna like it bc why not

IM IN SCHOOL FROM 8 - 4 EST! But I will be on at times (on my school laptop bc AM isn't blocked YET) :)

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