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Hello dear followers!
Age: 11 :( in 2022
Gender: male
Country: Italian
Name: Elio
Favorite color: Orange.
How are you I hope so. If you want to follow me, do it as soon as you want and if you don't want to, DO IT ANYWAY! Joke the choice is yours.
If you create a fan art about me, and then tell me that you are done commenting on one of my animations, I will follow you!
I started with another account (ELIO TEK) that unfortunately I lost in 2020 the year of COVID with 0 followers but now look at me, 150 people look at me and rarely comment and leave like :( For now I greet you then maybe I will update this description too if no one reads. Ah if you read comment on my latest animation "I have read the description"

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