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I am annoying Ik TwT
Follow for a cookie 🍪
Ok jk just follow for- n-no reason ☻
Or- you can- for- better- art- i g- Guess?


Your Annoying Artist over here <----

Are you bullied ? Remember they are stuped To bully you for no reason. That girl called you ugly? Remember she stays the whole day putting make up to hide her reality. You feel like you are useless? Remember no one is useless. Remember all people you helped with the words "dont worry_ i am here To help you . Etc"

Rules: dont say bad words in comments or i will need to block you / dont tell me to report someone that did nothing / dont bully me or any other person except if that guy was rude / dont say "follow me so i will follow you too" i will block you for doing that. Thanks for reading the rules. I May add some more later


RazaneBenahsine was here
Your mom is gay is here

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