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The murder ducky 🔪

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Hehehehebahahahege I’m murder ducky >:]

I'm the duck equivalent of the duo lingo bird

(My old name was !>floof noodles<!)


Follow these people :

Love of dog .(follow them now they are the BEST, if you don't ill Break your legs also they are soooo talented)

IAmasimp4you ( they are my bestieeeeeee follow them they are very talented)

Misty memory ( because they are AWESOME)



Mc icee (they mah fnaf buddy SO FOLLOW THEM)

Vanny (they are awesome go follow them)

Fish (cuz why wouldn't you follow them)


And follow my online family members :
Cheeto (sisseh)
Sf (sissy)
And hollow (brother


Have a lovely day >:]

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