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This is a shared account btw
Psst, Cartman. NYO UNCLE JESSE NO. Cartman, wake up. Wha-what the hell are you guys doing? Come on, we gotta go. Go where? We gotta go save the little baby cows, fat-ass. wait why? Because their gonna get slaughtered tomorrow, butthole. So? So we can’t let them die, douche bag, you’re our friend now come help us. Erm let’s see, the last 3.2 seconds you called me fat-ass. Butthole, and douche bag. I don’t really feel much like you guys are friends.

Tonky_ was here 🥄🥄
Tonky_ is still here 🤠🤠
Tonky_ not sure if they want to be here rn 😭😭
I’m so so so so so awesome it’s actually crazy

SHELL OWN MY BODY - PotatoKnish, 2022

Cat maid country.... meow.

For any of those honkers out there have no clue what's happening on this account. Its just Tonky_ and ☭ PotatoKnish ☭ being chaotic. If your a brave soul stay. You'll never expect what will hit you here. It's like boxing in a dark room
If the account says weird shit it’s probably Potatoknish.

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