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✨Niky The Pony✨(Our 65 Story's accidental acc)

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✨Alright new name and pfp ✨--------------------------
✨Hello I am Niky✨---
I like to draw, a lot!-----------
Pfp made by:---meh (i luv it) ✨❤️
✨Here are some things about meh✨:
Favorite colors:---
Favorite food:---✨
✨PASTA!!!! ✨
Favorite desert:
✨Favorite animal:---
Dinosaur, rawr🦕
girl yuh✨
I like godzilla,mlp, 44 cats, Dolls and pets
I have my own oc and my favorite movies are like Jurassic World. ------
Favorite Dinosaur----:
Indominus Rex.✨
Go follow ma main acc @Our 65 Story, ma art better there lol ✨
Go follow ma lil sis @🍄🌈Dr€@mŁāNđ<🌈🍄 she's awesome lol-----✨
I joined the mlp fandom so ye---✨
✨Have a good day or night! ✨

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