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♡⁠(⁠˃͈⁠ ⁠દ⁠ ⁠˂͈⁠ ⁠༶⁠ ⁠) I'm 17 and you can use any pronouns for identify me.

(⁠눈⁠‸⁠눈⁠) This type of community has a lot of dramatic stuff and a lot of "hate", don't talk to me if your proposit is mess my profile of these dissapointing actions for hate or calling my attention, thank you.
If you do you will be blocked by me or you will be ignored.

(⁠♡⁠ω⁠♡⁠ ⁠)⁠ For those who always support me, I love all the motivation you guys giving me, ty ty shugashu ꒰⁠⑅⁠ᵕ⁠༚⁠ᵕ⁠꒱⁠˖⁠♡

Taking a break 💕

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