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Dni if racist, homophobic..
I don't support LGBTQ+ but im not homophobic.
I maybe will giving my opinions about some things,if it offends u remember its an opinion, someone giving their own opinion is something normal, but very hateful comments or opinions are not welcomed, something like "i dont like this drawing because..." its fine or something like "i don't like this youtuber, artist because..." is fine too. But hating without a reason like "EWW WHAT A BAD DRAWING" is rude,please leave if you're here to do that. Thanks.
I DON'T like drama, so i will not post anything related to it, maybe i will giving my opinion but i dont think so, thanks.

Hello Im Amy,a girl who loves to draw and have a good time
Only close friends call me Nia
Birthday: 16th March
Been 4 years in this wonderful app
10 πŸ₯
My favourite color is yellow.(and pastel orange)
My sec acc is : LaPatata
Thank you for comin' into my acc and reading this! Have a good day mate!

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