Leo fawcett

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So hi I have 3 account cause I cant get back into my account. If that makes any sense so yea. I make animations surprise surprise🤯. Yea I'm trying to get followers and that's it.👁👄👁.

Also help CJ on his discord on his description cause IDK how to do links so ummm... yea😀 your homie says bye...

I'm shako_Red in descise

Dont mind that up their👆 k... ok

Bing Bong

Satire YT channel yaayyy http:/www.youtube.com/channel/UCqHlzRx3juTxV45JiGWFQ I post random animations and stupid voice actingggg.... so yea sub if you want. I'm done with this cringe text so yeaaaaaa...

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