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Hello my little crystals!
Make fun of my art? Cool! I actually don’t care I just would like to thank my friends who helped me learn to draw better.
Name: Zoey
Age: 13
Sexuality: Straight (I actually am still figuring it out)
Gender: She/her
Language: English.
Likes: Art, drawing, reading sometimes.
Dislikes: Yogurt, cottage cheese, homophobic people, racists.
Crush: πŸ‘ƒIko

Name: Yai
Age: 17
Sexuality: Bisexual
Gender: she/her
Language: English
Likes: dancing, singing, being obnoxious
Dislikes: Being quiet, being mean, being honest.
Crush: Mino
Age: 17
Sexuality: Pansexual
Gender: transgender girl to boy.
Language: English
Likes: being quiet, reading, drawing, painting.
Dislikes: loud people, dancing, singing.
Crush: sometimes Yai

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