Woodybrooks79 (ALT)

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1 don't be mean
2 don't send threats
3 don't disrespect my account or break the rules
4 don't winge about me not following you
5 don't hate me
6 dont send hurtful or threatful comments
7 don't be toxic
8 don't try to think your cooler
9 stop trying to get a rise out of me
10 last, don't swear.

If you follow me, I follow you 👍

Next goal 🏆: 60

Discord acc: JohnnyRavo #9774

This is a 13+ account.

⚠️ There contains some swearing, beware of it.

I only block people when they send threats or swearing comments to me.

Gender: male
What I like: stickman's
What I draw: stickman's
People that I hate: Bloodyboy, Parraps.
What food I like: chicken, burger, cheese burger
My friends: spesia, pilly, bloodygirl.

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