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Creator of: Taxes, SpongeBob From Goodwill, The Clarence Show! (YouTube)
😊very happy
😢very sad
⚪️Running out of ideas
How I feel right now: 😁
Here’s a little bit about me
Hi I’m Doge my friends call me Dogey I am not a meme (u know the dog from the meme) I make some stupid dumb stuff. I play in a band I play trombone and I SUCK everyone says YOU SUCK DOGEY and I’m like my parents drag me in to this so shut up.
I really love y’all guys and I try my best but sometimes I just fail but even if u or I fail don’t give up u wonderful drawer ok back too me I had 4 accounts tucwal11, a balls life, Monster Mickey, and I_Love_The_Braves
Half of the time the post here are shitposts
I live in the south USA.
My favorite show are listed
SpongeBob SquarePants
The Simpson
Rugrats classic
Naked and afraid 😳
And ur animations
My favorite movies
Toy story
Mario movie
Spider man into the spider-verse
Despicable me 1 and 2
Monsters inc
And ur animations
My favorite mlb team
Atlanta braves
My favorite nfl team
Buccaneers 🏴‍☠️
Born 2010 October 11th
Live in Southern United States
(in the destroyers gang)
Also in (member of red ball friends club)
And (leader of the dogey club)
Rn- ✅
My journey doge started on: March 11 2022
My actual journey starting with tucwal11 started on: June 17 2020
Veterans badge 🏅
Pfp made by: me :)

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