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Wasup, I’m sam but you can call me sage (my oc’s name) I am a pretty trash artist and maybe cringe 😬

Age: 19
Gender: they, him

I’m poly, Bi, and non-bianary (maybe trans idk yet) I have 2 girlfriends (1 on this app and their username is hidden and their names, age, etc. will also be hidden for privacy reasons)

Warning: Cussing (I swear) you can swear if you’re the right age

You can express yourself here and I hate racism and homophobic people

I accept everyone no matter what if you’re not straight, straight, black, white, etc.

I’m not a gacha creator but I’m planning to but I have Roblox

New Roblox acc: Thebacon_Queen321 (Roach) I would love to play with y’all

This is a safe spot for any age (Like I said I swear but y’all are protected from anything else like anything sexual)

Welcome to my acc!

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