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Hi and welcome to Cannedheart's Studios you can wacht Here my offical animation series "the last of us™", the last adventure™, the last breaht™,poppy playtime, backrooms, learning with pibby Serie, nightmare or new i an workin on "poppy playtime the animation" btw the Content i Made can be PG 12 Bec you See blood and cursed words so you would be warned
"Pfp by Jack"

How much i wanna quit 19%

RIP Ayat 📜(she just leavet)

Here you can Find me

Discord https://discord.gg/2DhuCGVZ4a

Movie discord https://discord.gg/uVm8C4Zg

YouTube https://youtube.com/@Cannedheart?si=-40oKu8VhRnSVSJI

Website https://gratis-4251578.webador.ch/

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