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Gone forever... I'm am circus Baby..

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Babys side) Personality: Maniac Nice Crush: Ennard Relationship: Ennard Friend: Ryane Q:What's your ROBLOX user? A: lizzy10169 Q: What's your Minecraft user? A: Xx_Jiley09_xX (I'm always on hypixel) Q: Who is your crush? A: Ennard Q:How old are you? A: I'm not telling :) Q:who is your bff(S)? A: Rayne, FireBlast, Rasberry, Saki inu Q:Who is James? A: my OC Q:What's your name irl? A: Jasmine (SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH) Q: What club(S) are you in? A:the WAFFLE CLUB! And he Cola Club :) Q: What's your waffle club name? Animatronic waffle :3 / Ennards half) Relationship: Baby Personality: Maniac Crazy for exotic butters nice Friends: Exoticbutters And Baby (Frisks half) Personality:
Nice likes to spare monsters friends: all monsters (James's half) Personality: crazy nice kawaii Friends: none (Rainbows half) Personality: unknown Rainbow: I LOVE RAINBOWS



Funtime Foxy

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