Mrs Tokyo cat (Sugar Sweet & TommyTord )

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sorry my account got troll!

It me Starcat my sister lolbit change her name and look cause you thought my sister isn't real so she change to Grace and my brother Alexis he also change his look to.

And yes i do still take request but you can't stole my art style.
i'm still 15 ( breathe in and out ) My brother is 16 and my sister is now 13.

My oc still Starcat no can replace her. My bff Inqq and bubble ( Blue ) are still friends.
Now my crush is actually...still Black but i thought most of you ship me x nightmare but were still toghter.

it ok just take a deep breathe ( breathe in and uot ) sigh, i awalys tell lies but now im gonna stop it now.
My other account like TommyTordy got trolled because of me.

I awalys love you guys but now im not gonna tell lies. My other Account like D3SU K4T want to kill herself it actually that i wanted to know that if everyone is good or not.

My sister is still an oc Killer and my brother pretty not everything and me just stop telling lies. Now where were i....well i forgot! GOODBYE

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