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Hey 👋🏽
Joined February 4, 2023
I’ve quit twice? Or once idek lol
Pfp is me currently deathly sick 😍
*Was* Posting art from and iPhone 👌🏽
I draw with my finger ☝️
I use a lot of emojis 😝
Ok that’s all for now 🤷‍♀️
Follow my deviant art account .3 - @bumblebeezerr
If ykyk. I post art there now so if ya still wanna see that, then give me a follow 🗣️
Guys people should start cosplaying as their oc’s/how they draw themselves. I feel like that’d be awesome :3

Some people you should follow because I say so and I love them 🤷‍♀️
🔥𝓐𝓝𝓣 𝓐𝓡𝓣🔥 (My partner in crime/my love 💞)
💫Mystic Craft💫 (My best friend ✨)
💙PalettePrimith🩵 (A very underrated artist that deserves your love and support ‼️)
🐉RETRO_THE_DRAGON🐉 (cool dude 🦐)
.☘️~SiRY0sHi~✨. (Honestly just a very cool and funny goober 🍷🗿)
A Pyr0M4n14c (A very cool goober 😮‍💨)
Gffyncf (Ma lady wife [I hope she remembers that lol]
🌿Willow_Tree🌿 (She’s no longer on the app but pay her your respects 🔫🦐)
🚫peep🚫 (Very cool person 🦅 and amazing artist)
•°• TeneBrea •°•(Just follow them. I will find you if you don’t 🔫🦅)
Ten10X (An actual amazing person 🗣️‼️)
• vander • (I just love their art :3 💞)
Gina&Wink💜 (An amazing wonderful person 💞✨)
alishaweirdd (I love her art sm and you should too‼️)
These are just either my close friends or people I hope can be friends with✨ so if ya didn’t make the list then…womp womp 🫣
✨inspirational quote of the week✨• mental abuse is still abuse

Some things about me 😙
Name • Chloe
Pronouns • she/her
Race • Mexican 🦅
Birthday • June 18 🍷🗿 (y’all it’s getting close 🤭)
Biseggsual 😻 (please don’t attack me y’all I’m sorry if I didn’t live up to your expectations 🙂‍↕️)
Place I live • Texas 🤠
Dating status • taken💞 (Ik y’all want me lmao)
Favorite color • PINK 🩷✨
Favorite animal • ducks✨
Favorite song • Death Cup by Mom Jeans
Sports I do • basketball, track, cross country, cheer, and I do band lol
Instrument I play • ✨clarinet✨ I’m so good lol
Favorite video game • yoshi’s crafted world💞

And I think that’s it !

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