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I’m retro the dragon mummy!

Im 14 and imma dude :p I like dragons and animations.
My girlfriend is mystic craft<3
I’ve been in one ¡GMC! Contest.
My friends are: mystic craft. Dragonwarriorcat Ascending panic. Chloe. Mirotaki. Outcazt. Tox

oc list✨

RETRO(main oc)
Cozmo (second main)
Kohga and sooga (da banana bros)
Infinite (the abandon one)
Herobrine (noodle)
Dave (the recently thought dead hero)
Rest of yiga clan™️ (MINE)
sheikah (nerds lol)
Merlin (just an old dude with a magic stick)
arthur (enderman boi)
The black knight/steve
Rouxls kaard (thost greatest adversary)


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