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Working on giant project discord server here:

currently I have a youtube but I don’t post often on it I will link it at some point tho I use FlipaClip adobe pivot moon animator and I’m learning blender and Moho to I’m also learning code

Post scedual: none

Quality over quantity : yes( I try to spend more time making my stuff better instead of posting a lot)

Winner of animation vs animator challenge is ctop animates check him out

Winner of the croud controll challenge :zomonoly he’s awesome check him out

I can’t do dnd every day so maybe every few weeks

Old Fight series info

Being rank list:
Universal beings
Cosmic beings
Galactic beings
Star creators
Star destroyers
Planetary creators
Planetary destroyers
Ability users

Beings info:

Ability users where given abilities via stealing a gifteds ability after they die weakening the ability phycics where born with stuff like telikenesis or mind reading and sometimes seeing the dead gifted where born with abilities like time control or mutation immortals can’t die do to tech and most abilities null are weird unnatural beings void are usually pitch black creatures of darkness not much is known about them gods are well gods they usually just have control of 1 planet tho planetary destroyers are capable of killing gods usually killing or destroying the planet to planetary creators are able to create planets and gods for the planets star destroyers absorb the energy of a star destroying it and are a s class threat to most civilizations star creators can just as easily destroy as they can create they can create the ability for planet creators to do there work but they can just as easily stop them from existing galactic beings really just see all galaxies as there playtoys usually destroying them while having fun cosmic beings usually are the ones keeping the galactic beings in check stopping them from destroying the galaxies other than that not much is known about them universal beings are usually never seen meaning not much is known about them exept that we have seen them simply remove universes if they don’t like them sometimes creators are a hypothetical being but we have seen signs of them actually existing weird messages from the void of space weird sightings universal beings disappearing off of our radar

I’m remaking the fight series to match the original comics I made so forget the old one

My yt working

I removed the groups I just did not like them might bring back team science idk

Groups I’m in ig


Put these in the search bar to find my series #FIGHTseason1 #FIGHTseason2 #ST2 and GnBseason1

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