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Hello! i dont know how todraw but im trying to can yall sub to my youtube.com/channel!/UCQoNuWzduuPqpF5FYCMnMg justcopy and paste it I don't know anatomy or I dont know how to draw the same person over and over in different poses more stuff about me pronouns very important age ? Lived ? Live ? Race butthole siblings ? Animals ? Zodiac aquarium? Height ? Hair type ? How much ? Favorite Followers I have uh 42 of them birthday ? i don't go outside cause i hate trafic https://discord.com/invite/4EhZXhrK I think I joined 2023 February I don't no my date I joined __ artist I like harato I thank thats bros name i love there art theybinspires me so fucking hayato is his name much I know I know I got to organize my bio i dont know how people do that tho like it looks so perfect
favorite piano song again your lie in April ost

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