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Hello all, I’m trying to type this as fast as I cn before I have to delete this app, idc if my mom yells at me or tries to take my phone away I’m going to type this regardless bc I love y’all

Lo ng story short, nothing has been going right in my life. My body dysmophia has been getting worse, and with my parents going to court they’ve been suing each other because my parents are divorced and absolutely loathe and despise each other, my moms been gambling and my dads trying to sue her for that while my dad was bringing me and my brother over the border illegally so my mom is trying to get at my dad for that too. I’m so so scared that my parents are gonna go to jail and I’ll be left with nothing. My little brother isn’t taking this well and he got very behavioral, being extra nasty to me and blackmailing me more and more until my mom searched my phone and found this app along with many other things (like tiktok, my itch.io page, my Crunchyroll and webtoon, mostly everything) If you didn’t know, I’m not allowed to use social media until I turn 18 so my parents were fuming. Rn I’m hiding in my room as my mom’s yelling at me from the other side of the door to delete my apps so she can set more parental controls on my device. I’m so so sorry. This is so hard for me. I don’t want to leave you guys, I haven’t even been here for that long! This isn’t the first time this has happened either , so I’m just really glad to have like a month of peace, to finally find my people and be in this lovely community, but now I can’t and I’m so sorry and I’m so scared and I think my moms trying to take my door off the hinges I’m so so sorry I’m so sorry I’m so so sorry I have to go now, I promise I’ll come back someday and it’ll be like I was never gone I have to go bye I love you all so so much I hope you all

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