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HELLO Leafy Lover here! But you guys can call me Leafy!
My Ocs so far are...
Leafy: Aka ME!!! Wazzzzup XD
Sailia: A demon who dosent care about about the bad and just wants to have fun and crush on Rosalina.
Rosalina: An angel who wants to just stay home and read. She can be moody and defenetly DOES NOT like Salia..... Mabey :3
Ceil: A fabulous ghost that actually has no idea how they died. They love everything that sparkles and shines and will let no one get in the way of their dreams.
Ray: A being from a different dimention who is basically the mom of the group
Ti: A moody teen who has levitation powers. She dosent show her arms...... I don’t even know if she has arms.

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