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Pfp is Farley, designed and animated!! [She's my sona!]

Yo! Here's my trolltag, punk! EstaticGuts
This profile is intended for older audiences. If you are not within an appropriate age group, please tread carefully! But you shouldn't worry, any drawing that is more "mature" usually has a warning! That being said, this profile contains mild language, Gore, eyestrain, fake Gore, blood, and disturbing imagery! Oh yeah basically body horror to. You all be safe now!! ♡

You could have previously known me as: x͓̽X͓̽I͓̽N͓̽K͓̽Y͓̽S͓̽O͓̽U͓̽P͓̽X͓̽x͓̽ but it's been a while, so eh. (Plus I was cringe af, pleaseeee don't remember that, lmao)
I draw, and such.
I love the addisons and Spamton, I'm hyperfixatiing so badly lol it's been months that I've been obsessed with these guys
female, whatever pronouns I guess I'm just here to draw, so,-
Y'all are such talented folks, I'm consuming every godamn art piece I see- you guys are such great artists!!!

Go check out my web comic! @DARK SWEEP or search "DARK SWEEP" on the animaker search bar, and go to the 'people tab'! It should be the first or so thing to pop up!

Special interests/longtime hyperfixations:

Spamton and the addisons [Deltarune]

Vast Error [I love it so much, if you have a trollsona, fantroll, or OC, I will want to roleplay!!! I love this webcomic so much!! :3]

Current Fixation:
Fallout [TV series, will get the game one day]

My toyhouse:
My ArtFight:
My kandi profile:

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