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You Follow Me I Follow You. Simple as that
Isn't my first account
Joined 2017 on the OG OG acc
Joined 2021 on the OG acc
Joined 2021 on the acc most know
Joined 2023 on this baby
U follow me I follow back
Keeping it simple
I like lore and story I consider myself to be very good at what I do and you should too.
My main focus is to just hav fun on here but I know there will be plenty of drama from a few people.
I'm working on my own custom emojis so u can use them during talking.
I will be making a show.
I AM writing a book. Hopefully 57 of them.
I love stickmen.
I draw with my finger and write with my finger we Now.
Some Amazing People You Should Follow
Art Studios
🎁🎄✨️Candley✨️🎄🎁 (Member of 🍃Team Leafy🍃) (Member of Team Ducky)
Catty the at!

Lil bit about me
I don't give fucks for pronouns
No rule 34 content
No hate I just left all of that
My Name is only if you remember and if not call me by my nickname given above (love the name)
I’m 6’0 (182.88cm)
My favorite song: Hail To The King (Avenged Sevenfold)
My favorite show: SpongeBob SquarePants
My favorite game: Halo 1
OC Verification
Dark Lord
The General
Dark Peasants
World Ender
Reality Slayer
The Eternal
More Soon
I bought a spaghetto from Randomtheslime

Main OC stuff
・♾️yrs old
・Status of Power- HUNTER
・4975yrs old
・Status of Power- HUNTER
・Status of Power- HUNTER
・Fuck off
・Also fuck off
If there is one thing I've learned in life it's that we only get one chance to do things. You could change those things down the rode but you will always have that old personality from back then coming to haunt you everytime it can.

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