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The uh, Original account was lost, Couldnt really access the original account since i have also forgotten the password for it, I tried to find a way but couldnt get it, Since the original owner wasnt me, But rather a friend in which he gave me the account when i was asking for a gmail account since i do not know how to create one, I may have created one, But the data is lost and been deleted since in the previous phone that had it factory reset due to a problem in the system, Anyways, It has been what like 4 to 3 years?, Alright then, Get back into it, AND IM ALIVE YOU CONSPIRECY THEORIESTS, Also hi again, But ill be drawing for fun and entertainment, Since thats what i usually do And i believe i have created another account like it But didnt really feel intrested in that at best, Lol, But hey!, I hope thisll be another start, Also when viewing my past it was, Very very inconspicously an embarrassing, Like literally, One time, Very edgy dark room, Lol Anyways, Ive like literally come back anonymously, Like in a sense of different accounts and different personas, And etc, Also thanks for reading, If you have been even been reading all of it, Thanks, And ill say this, Look into the good side of things, Not just the bad sides. Even when you are in the darkest times of your life, There will be people thatll help or try to, But you are the solver and the problem, And this is one factor of truth, Your choice and what you do will always matter, Even how it seems insignificant and useless it may seem, It will effect you and others.

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