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Galaxy dreams is dead forever

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Hi I'm a g. Freddy fangirl but no hate please!!! And I'm a fangirl
My ships: foxy x mangle bonnie x toy chica bonbon x toy Freddy Freddy x Maria ( my OC ) baby x enard ballora x puppet funtime foxy x funtime freddy cloudy x springtrap me x golden Freddy Luna x Kevin (OC) Daisy x Tom (OC)

About my OC

Kayla (leader)
Likes: pizza, parties, bffs, and animates!!!
Hates: haters, bullies, evil fangirls, annoying people, and people who don't care even WORSE... sans fangirls!!!!
Sempi/crush: Golden Freddy
Bffs: Maria, Daisy, and Luna ( OC )
Animal: Fennec Fox
Favorite colors: pink, aqua, and yellow
Gender: girl
Soul: creative (red)
B-day: June 14
Blush color: red

Maria (brave)
Age: 20
Likes: bffs, cupcakes, nature and being calm
Hates: haters, mean people, noisy people and fighting with other people.
Sempi/crush: Freddy
Bffs: Kayla, Luna and Daisy
Animal: cat
Favorite colors: green, pink and purple
Gender: girl
Soul: bravery (green)
B-day: July 6
Blush color: red

Daisy (friendly)
Age: 16
Likes: nice people, flowers and green tea
Hates: scary, mean, evil, annoying, people and being shy.
Sempi/crush: Tom (OC)
Bffs Kayla, Maria and Luna.
Animal: bunny
Favorite colors: pink, purple, sky blue and red
Gender: girl
Soul: friendly (yellow)
B-day: May 22
Blush color: pink

Luna (always try)
Likes: Kevin (OC) Halloween and roses.
Hates: when she have to do something for someone.
Sempi/crush: Kevin (OC)
Bffs: Kayla, Luna, and Daisy
Animal: Fennec Fox
Favorite colors: dark colors
Gender: girl
Soul: always try (purple)
B-day: October 13
Blush color: purple

Bff:Izzy, dasiy, kayla, and maria
Sister: luna
Animal: bunny
Favorite color: dark color
Soul: dark red ( unknown )
B-day: October 13
Blush color: dark red

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