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It's me Liza A Liza! I'm using IPad Pro.
Anyways there is no information about me in my original account so here u go.
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Sexuality: Bisexual
Name: Liza
Crush: ...Single.
Likes: everything Good, Chocolates, Healthy Food, Friends, Family, Films, cartoons, dresses, lights, Art, Games, followers.
Hates: Everything Bad, Cakes, Abusment, Depression, Anxiety, Hate, Swearing, sucking Life, Evil People.
Ocs: ...
~Evil Bendy~
Best Friends:
-Max ink Wolf
- jack2005
-nightmare Elisa
-fluffy monster

Q & A
Q. What's your real name?
A. ...
Q. What are u playing on?
A. Piano.
Q. When is your birthday?
A. November 8th.
Q. Do u have siblings?
A. Big sister.
Q. Are u depressed
A. No. I'm Liza :'3
Q. Do u swear?
A. Yeah.
Q. I'm a hater.
A. Ok.
Q. You art is Good.
A. Thanks!
Q. Your art is horrible.
A. Great.
Q. What would u do if u met a hater?
A. Probably ignore.
Q. Can I be your friend
A. Oh God. Of course! :'D
Q. How do u look like in real life?
A. I have brown hair, brows, chameleon eyes, normal skin color, I have pretty body shape, normal weight, I'm not tall, I have haircut, I have wounds and cuts.
Q. Do u like Rock?
A. I love it!
Q. How is your Valentine's Day? ^^
A. Oh it's just. U are in your room. Sitting on the computer and drawing stuff. Not even going out. Not even hearing gifts or phone calls. And thinking how miserable u are. :'>
Q.are you actually gay?
A. Really Gay.
Q. What kind of music and songs do u like?
A. Any music.
Q. No more questions, are we done?
A. Yeah.




`   ̄ ̄ ̄O  ̄. ̄ ̄ ̄
   。    o         *
┃╰╯            ┃╰╮╭╯
┣━━╯        ╰━╯┃

.    。  *    
╔╗╔╗╔╗╦╗ .
║║║║║╦╠╣. ║ *
╩╚╝╩╚╝╝╚  ╩

╔╗╔╦╗╦ ╦  ╦═╗
╚╗║║║║ ║  ╠╣
╚╝╝╝╝╩ ╩╝╩═╝

╝╚╝╚╝   ╩     ╩ ❕


( ಥ_ಥ ) ALONE  ( ಥ_ಥ )
( ಠ_ಠ ) on  ( ಠ_ಠ )
(╥﹏╥ ) VALENTINE'S ♥ DAY  (╥﹏╥ )

~Evil Bendy~
At first he was a normal friendly Bendy. He was kind nice and friendly gentleman. He was always open to people. He met many people and children who loved his show. But, there was one problem. He didn't usually smile as he was supposed to. He had his own plans and habits. He didn't obey creators. He wanted to listen to his heart and do what he wanted. This made Creator Joey Drew Really upset. And tried to get rid of him and make another updated model of him. But they didn't have enough stuff do do this. They were afraid of failures so Joey decided to take bendy's heart. He locked him in the basement. He tortured him. Rip off his heart saying: "you don't need a heart" Bendy cried in pain suffering. But none could hear him. His friends betrayed him. After loosing his heart he lost himself. He became something Strange. He always smiled. He often melted. He lost his emotions and he couldn't live anymore. He lost his mind. Day after day he went more and more lost. After Joey finally completed him. And make him forget some stuff. Bendy broke the chains. And rip off Joeys guts. He became a monster. A true devil. He decided to kill every person who was part of the studio. Or make them become a cartoons which means they would be his slaves. He killed Joey. He tried to kill Henry. But his so called friends. Protect him. Bendy kept telling how much he loved his friends. But his friends knew what happened to him. And always replied that he couldn't love no more. That made Bendy fall in shock and stress. But that didn't stop him. After that he became a true murderer. He learned to kill people with their own weapons. Here are people who are still alive: Alice, Henry, Norman Polk, Wally Franks, Susie Campbell. As for Boris. He met the same fate as Joey. Bendy killed Boris for betraying him. He planned to torture him. But for a best friend that was too cruel so he had less painful death. Creators success fully escaped. So as Henry and Alice. So Henry decided to make new studio. With new cartoons. But they knew that Bendy would ruin everything. So they locked up bendy in the old studio and turn on the ink machine so he would melt and maybe eventually erase. But they didn't know that he couldn't die. No matter what u would do. Bendy didn't really die. But he couldn't get out either. He was trapped and left to rot. Henry successfully build new studio with his friends. As for Alice she became the main character.

To Be Continued ...

200+ Followers

I'm not doing cuts anymore. I have short hair. My real name is Anastasia but I prefer u calling me Liza. Here's a Stuff about me: I have problems in life. I have difficulties in making friends. My only friend is a person who takes me the way I am. It was from the very beginning. I'm getting bullied. People are afraid of me. People beat me up. Only because they are afraid. I'm weird and strange. But parents keep telling me that it's because I'm special. And I believe them. People tell me I have a talent and I can be someone special in future. I can be a Great person. I'm protecting my right. So people won't catch me off the guard. I want to be better every time so. I will. Dream come true only when u try. I Try more and more. So I practice and I feel better when it turns out that I haven't been worthless whole life. I'm happy that people love me. Thank u.

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