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Hello, I'm Firelight! I had a old account but I deleted it. I have A LOT of pets and a average amount of friends ^^'' I love making new friends and meeting new people!
1. Pink Pya
2. DiamondKitty1
3. Sharpo
4. Danny
5. Queen
6. Atlan
7. FireBerry
8. Ølkwai
9. Fire blast
10. Galaxy
OCS and their Relationships
Misha (Dating Darcy)
Canine (engaged to Peri)
Gunner (Dating Graham)
Honey (Dating Hex)
Flame (Dating Jax)
Syro (Dating Pixel)
Saphro (Dating Jason)
Mykro (Engaged to Anisha)
Sam (Dating Sandra)
Samuel (Crushing On John)
Love (Dating Frosting)
Leaf (Dating Kiner)
Kiwi (Dating Kuku)
Ashling (Dating Ash)
Slime (Married to Gloss)
Levoto (CRUSHING BIG on Ian)
Marzala (Crushing on Sushi)
Layana (Single)
Silo (Dating Rose)
Red (Dating Green)
Lilo (Married to Lukey)
Patchy (Dating Plush)
H.T (Dating Jonathan)
Otto (Crushing On Kyle)
Hadrian (Single)
Sparkles (Dog)
Leo (Dog)
Billy (Dog)
Jenny (Cat)
Charla (Fish)
Charlie (Fish)
Yala (Corgilion)
Tom (Corgilion)
Banana Cream (Horse)
Slo (Wolfie)
Yala, Tom ,Banana Cream and Slo are My pets from here the others are in real Life
Q & A

Q. Age?
A. Nuh uh sugar plum.

Q. Crush?
A. -/////-

Q. Senpai?
A. O//////////O

Q. How many pets do you have?
A. Well, irl? 6! ^3^

Q. Favorite Color?
A. Red, Orange, and yellow

Q. Favorite food?
A. Lobster Ravioli

Q. Favorite Animal?
A. Deer or a Bear

Q. Best friend Irl?
A. Her name is Angel-Lily and she's SOOO nice! ^^

Well. That's it's for now Lovey Doveys! Love you! Mwah! Bye! Oh wait! Hold up! Go follow my friend Caleb/Blubby! He's really nice and I think you might want to get to know him.

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