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Hey there friend's/foe's I am Olkwai!¡ Pronounced- (Alk-why)
I am just your regular, mediocre, "artist".


Phil / Lover:Mint / Time they got together: 2017-09-13

Tex / Lover:Collie / Time they got together: 2017-11-30

Seafoam Green / Lover:Simon / Time they got together: 2018-03-03

Newt / Lover: / Time they got together:

Other Main OC--
--Phil the Ginger Deer--

⦁has horns instead of antlers. No one knows why or how.

•likes to try to be "cool" sometimes when he's thought out to be "nerdy" or just kinda a "loser" so it makes him insecure about it.

⋅he likes when people put their fingers threw his curls and play with his hair, or rub his back, and soft neck kisses∽

⚬he has a boyfriend named Mint. (〃ᴗ〃)

⋅has quite the temper at times and can snap.

•likes to be in solitude but doesn't mind a visit here in there, he's usually really sweet, he won't bite trust me.

⦁happy boy™

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