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Hello I'm Rockonut but just call me Rocko for short, first of all me going to do a Q&A!
Q: your Gender / A: MALE duh...
Q: what are you / A: a wolf, squirrel, and a bunny!
Q: what do you do with the haters / A: I ignore them for now...
Q: your cruuussssshhhh? / A: I just joined cri cri 0,-,0
Q: got any other account besides this one / A: Yep it's called ❤️Tabitha❤️
Q: can you make porn / A: HELLLL NAH!
Q: can you draw meh / A: sure if you ask
Q: can I draw you / A: the answer is the same as the other Q from before 0,-,0
Q: are you friends with fangirls / A: ONLY the nice ones
Q: make a baby with someone / A: MEH JUST JOINED!!!!
Well that's all for now because I'm sick of asking myself questions BYE!

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