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I deleted AnimeMaker for a personal reason but I got it back!..
I see コメント on animes and it means comments.
;v;"" ANOTHERRRR. コマ means frame ANDDD. 回視聴 means views.
Nerdy?... ;^;""
My floof(Wooolioo is my kid? xD
Jayden is my son.
I treat SwapIsReal as my child too.
I have many friends :’D
Idk. :/
“Fxxk me and call me BOB. Bob The Builder? Can I fix your dxck?! -rage - LtEddy

~Q & A~
Q: Are you straight?
A: Is this line straight? / no then I’m gay. (Inspired by Wooolioo)

Q: Do you have kids?
A: Jayden and my floof not generically isn’t my kid :V

Q: Who is your lover?
A: N-Nerdy… /////////

Q: Do you curse?
A: Sometimes.

Here’s a story (Inspired by Blueberry.)
Chapter 1: Emotions
Emotions?…We all hate them…
They make you cause things you don’t wanna do…especially me, emotions hate me A L O T .
But it’s fine because I should be hated :’D

Q: Do you have friends?
A: Yes. much friend.

Q: Can I be your friend?
A, I already am! :’D

(inspired by my floof ;^)

Magic ???: Main and married to Nerdy
Flow Ray: with Melt
Radioactive Richards: with Toxic
Sobi ???: with Weepers
Patricia Martinez: with Vincent
Jayden ???: Crushing on Jaden
Hana Mulai: with Maria
Chinmoku ???: with Splicer
Taylor Adams: Crushing on Lucas
Jared Samuels: Crushing on Zach
Clou Ray: younggg
Leslie Lou: Crushing on Lili
Jeremy Andrews: ???
Mark Young: Taken with Jeremy
Kao: Crushing on Cry
~And more!!~
I may sin ;<;”

The many Magics:
Psycho Magic: with Psycho Nerdy
Asylum Magic: with Asylum Nerdy
SwapIsReal: Child And Crushing on ZipBerry and Swap!Meow
1!Magic: single
2!Magic: single
3!Magic: Single
4!Magic: single
5!Magic: Single
6!Magic: Single
7!Magic: Single
8!Magic: Single
9!Magic: Single
10!Magic: singleeee
11!Magic: Taken by the one and only nerdy!~ ^^
Come at me bish ;^

One more thing:

Best friend:
Toka(:’D)I miss my floofy bean…;-;
Jackie (;’W)
Zip (:’3)

And more!
(Faces stand for nothing.)


okie im drinking tea out ;V

Tiny break (hour or more or minutes.) <
Offline <


Credit for this: ack I forgot their user ;-;”


May?…I miss you…
Rin!… We’re still friends?…

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