Phyre the dilophasaurus

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Chow there, Im Phyre.

I luv Jurassic Park :>
I draw super kewl.
I hate fandom fangirls.
I’m sometimes savage

Ships: foxy and mangle / lolbit and springy / cloudy and springy / doge and Gabe / freddy and chica / bonnie and toy chica / toy Freddy and toy bonnie / ft.foxy and ft. Fredy / ennard and baby / ballora and puppet / rockstar Freddy and rockstar chica / golden freddy and golden mangle / hippo and pig / bonbon and bonnet / yendo and endo / sparky and sugar / old candy and Cindy.

Fav food: melon, tenders,steak, bacon,burger.

Fav games: granny,Fnaf,bendy,undertale,cuphead,tattletale.

Fav object show: bfdi,bfdia,idfb,bfb

Fav oc ships: male mangle x toy chigle / Phyre x golden foxy

More coming soon

. .

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