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So hai guys..For some reason my brother was on my account and logged me out ;-;
But here in for q/a!
Q:What's your age in this game?A:Let's see..I already have a mate..29?
Q:What your age IRL?A:...Nope.
Q:What's your fav fruit,vegetable,and sweet?A:My fav fruit is apples(red)my fav vege is carrots!And my fav sweet is CAKKEEEEE(Choclate)
Q:What are your fav ship(s)?A:Echo X Dark,LiliePad X Purple that's mostly it!
Q:Do you like wifi?A:YAS I GO TO EVERYBODY ON MY STREET ASKING FOR FREE WIFI YASSSSSSSSSSSSS also wifi is my sister or brother! :>(JK)

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