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I should probably get on this app more often

I'm in way too many fandoms at once please help me I'm literally drowning in them

Happy worm (:

Also if anyone doesn't recognize me or when they followed me, that's probably because either they previously followed "pip" or "tiggymisty" which are both old names of this account

Joined: July 12, 2017 so I've been here a while

Everyone has something on their profile about themselves so guess it's my turn πŸ₯΄

Pronouns:they/them (preferred)
Friends on this app:
>Regen (that's it, I've been on this app for so long that all my old friends got tired of it and haven't been on in years)
>--PPeach-- my "friend" 😏

If you see the infamous fatherless bloodygirl around, don't post things about them or comment, it's best to ignore them as to not encourage them more. But don't ignore her completely, report her and her posts 🀭

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