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Katelyn (not active a lot so don’t expect anything from me)

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Katelyn (neko)
Flame (fire)
Marina (water)
Oreo (the bunny)
Catherine (warrior princess)
Stella (animal)
Sky( haunted doll)
Marry( Christmas doll)
Bailey (Fox)
Amy (wolf)
Dottie (demon)
Leah (mermaid)
Clover (snake)
Ashley (model)
May (goat ghost)
Mr.Fluffytong(hybrid:Demon,dragon,dog,and lion)

My Oc’s that are taken
Katelyn is married to Blindie
Dottie is going to marry scotch
Flame is with Mira
Clover is with Anna
Marina is in the friend zone with River
Whiskers and Boba are best friends
Sky is dating Ziro

(The rest of my Oc’s are single)

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