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Nightsky is stupid
Grey is a beautiful thing
Fireblast is funny
Diamond is creative
Peachie knows how to make stickers
SHOBER is a Asian cowboy
FireLight is an amazing weirdo!
Pink pya is an awesome bearo
Nightsky: let's say stuff
Our oc's:
Gręÿ: Levi, Hanji, Eren, Lilly, Harry, and Cøcoa
Peachie: Geo,James,Peacho
Diamond: larra and starshine
SHOBER:Sadao,Floofy,Joe,Coke,and Treat
Fireblast:i dont have one yet
Firelight: Luis, Sarah, Lauren, and Vicki
Pya: Joel XD
What Nightsky thinks of you;
Grey is kindhearted
Diamond is the silliest girl
Fireblast is coolest girl
FireLight is on fire
Pink pya is a cute taco
Peachie says: I got smarter cuz of Rick and Morty
Grey says: Smoke weed everyday
Nightsky says: I'm looking forward to seeing you all die
Diamond says: I'm a cat NYA !
SHOBER: I wanna be a cowboy, B A B Y
Fireblast says: oof oof screech
FireLight Says: Wait, What the hell were we talking about?
Pink pya says: Stay in drugs, don't do vegetables, and eat your school.
Remember Gręÿ will always be there to correct you’re grammar, words, and spelling :>
Cuss words with kids:
Gręÿ: *when someone cheats on me* You better burn in hell you son of a lying whore and slut- I’ll tell the devil to cut out your insides you bitch ass motherfucker.
Nightsky: Shut the fuck up your a fucking cunt
Fireblast: Why wont u die in hell motherfucker
Diamond: fuck this god dam bull shit I'm going to fuck you in the ass
FireLight: Fucking duck! Die in a hole you little bitch turtle! *goteem! Yah-Yeet!*
Pya: cunt-ass hoe.
Saying weird stuff:
Gręÿ: Smoke weed everyday
Nightsky: peanut butter is bae
Fireblast:iM dIeInG iNsIdE
Diamond: I'm a chair with a broken collarbone 0.o
SHOBER: I pooped in ur sink.
FireLight: I like Trains and Trees ;)
Pya: Pennywise is my bitch. *cracks whip*
Saying edgy stuff:
Peachie: We were born just to die....
Gręÿ: I have crippling depression
Nightsky: You cant wake up this is not a dream
Fireblast:the world will end soon…
Diamond: do you kite on bus
FireLight: Edgy stuff. What? We were supposed to say ‘Edgy stuff’
Pya: Have fun trying to escape this labyrinth called society, spoiler, no one ever does..
Random stuff:
Peachie: Well damn
Diamond: My dog eats cat poop
SHOBER: Ooh eeh ooo ah ahh ting tang walla walla bing bang
Gręÿ: Oof
FireLight: I want to die In a hole that’s small and deep. Hue.
Pya: wanna taste me? Shit- that sounded weird. Can we start over?
Say stuff about each other:
Gręÿ: We all smoke weed everyday *Oof*
Peachie: I'm fucked. You're not :>
Fireblast:im a shitty person and everyone is the best
Diamond: everyone draws good while I draw like shit ! Jk everyone draws good
SHOBER: Ur all blessed with memes.
Firelight: What’s life? I like trains. Maybe you do. Maybe you don’t.
Pya: I think I like you the same amount as I like Teen Jeff.
About our oc's:

SHOBER is a happy and crazy and protective and always active doge.

Fireblast is a doggo that is werid ;-; that is so cringey u will die

Gręÿ is a goat, werewolf, demon, witch, fusion, vampire and a fucking Oof addicted thing

Nightskÿ is a nature leopard she is very stupid and gullible and a little shit who is very annoying and a big jerk

Firęłight is a grizzox who can’t speak and had issues and has Hair that makes her look like a boy.

Diamond is a wolf and larra is a artic rainbow wolf and starshine is a galaxy cat

Pya is a pink bear married to a human named "Teen Jeff", they met awhile back when Pya was just 15, and got married 2 days after. She tries VERY hard to be content with life and people, but as we all know, she can get a bit rilled up and say some unchoicely words. But other than that, she loves and supports most things.
Are you online or offline?
Peachie: Offline
Grey: UmbreOFF
Diamond: offline
SHOBER: 0nl1ne
Firelight: off
Pya: off
Gręÿ is a fucking clutz
Nightskÿ is a gay kitty
Fireblast is dieing inside
Peachie is a stupid moron
SHOBER is an A S I A N C O W B O Y D O G
FireLight is a Fire girl who’s sick in many ways.
Diamond is hurting as all hell
Pya is not good at controlling her temper
---------------------------------- memes with kids:
Gręÿ: I. WANT. TO. DIE.
Nightsky: -jumps off table- I'm gay
Pya: Heyyy! That's pretty good!
Diamond: ..... run .... * music plays *
FireLight: Kids! Don’t touch the fire! ;-;
Peachie: What are you fucking gay? (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Stealing candy from kids:
Gręÿ: hUe
Nightsky: hands on the ground!
FireLight: *Hissss* MINE!
SHOBER: Y O L O 420 BLAZE IT. KYS LOL BYE. //runs with the candy//
Peachie:Fuck off this shits mine!
Diamond: shit is that a twizler give me that !
Nightsky's favorites tacos:
Pink pya
Named after foods:
Pink pie
Grey grape
Firelight Fruits
Fire blast beans
Peachie peach
Nightsky taco
Diamond cake
Pya fav:
Firelight favs:
Diamond favs: everyone that's my best friends :3
Shober favs: Oh hi, thanks for checking in...BUT IM STILL A PIECE OF GARBAGE
Peachie favs:
Grey favs:
(This firelight is on fire)

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