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Hai im Tøxic

I hate fangirls and I am funny I leik snakes yeah snakes and that's all I can say bye... You can do now... You're using all your time you guys ...okay
.. Q:gay
A:VeRy GaY
Q:Any siblings?
A:Yes Crystal
Q:Are you the older or younger
Q:How old are you
Okay my fingers hurt
O c S: JJ lolly Moony Piggu Diamond Cheese,
Jackie Lilli Cini Vinny Kelly Lolo Lulu
I love Chinese food
Species:Flower Fox

I l
I lo
I lov
I love
I love M
I love My
I love My V
I love My Vi
I love My Vic
I love My Vic
I love My Vict
I love My Victo
I love My Victor ^ω^
Offline now a song by voice auto-correct yeah yeah yeah I'll be drinking soda I'll be drinking puppies I've been drinking soda I've been drinking doorknobs everything I've been looking shoes I like the face and then I lick the shoes and I liked everything then I went to the door and then I like the puppy then I lick the door knob and then I like the puppy poster then I lick the doors off and then I looked away myself and I looked at the TV I looked it up now I am dead now I will be eating little puppy ran up a tree to chase a squirrel a cat ran down a tree to get to world and I chase the cat and then it gets wet yeah

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