⚡️Yuna,fireblast,candy⚡️(candy feels: like adding more to our bio) ( fire feels: im the queen) (yuna feels: I'M A POTATO)

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Candy: Hello! We are DA KITTY DOG GROUP also here is the login ID moop: Yuna,fireblast,candy
Fire: is the only kittydoggo X3
Candy: I became one
Fire: I’M SO SEXY XD ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Yuna: I'm a potato
Ours ocs!
Candy: suner, cyan, space(my adopted daughter), sage
Yuna: maroon, jax, muddy, jackson, moner and others
About our main oc
Fire:fire is a kittydog,she is very smol,shes married to mai,and she is 12
Candy: a kawaii Himalayan wolf married to Shea
Yuna: im fabulous
Our relationships
Candy: wife is Shea
Yuna: cyan is Bae
Fire: mAi is MiNe
Using kitty dog ocs
Candy: I’m using crystal
Fire:im using boob/pancake!
Yuna: myself
Using sleepykinq or princechains oc
Candy: I’m using Rex!(prince chains oc) and mystery! ( sleepykinqs OC )
Fire:im usimg kao >w<(sleepykinqs OC)
What eddsworld characters are we using
Candy: TON

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