Shuu the cute wolf

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My names shuu I'm a wolf and umm I don't know what else heh but let me tell you a bit about my self I have 3 siblings and 1 mom my dad was shot 3 times in the chest when I was 5 and died .... well besides that let me tell you more baout myself on with the questions

Q-Whats you fav food ?
A- cheese puffs I go crazy for them !

Q- what's your fav thing to d...
A- sleeppppp !!!

Q- why was your dad killed ?
A- well the person was trying to kill my mom and dad went infrount of her

Q- are you the oldest ?
A- no my big brother kite is but he's in perison please don't ask why....

Q- who's the youngest ?
A- the twins well I'm still getting used to there names ^^"

Q- who's your semp...
A- PRINCE !! * starts blushing bad and covers mouth *

Q- why are you so cute ?
A- I don't know :3

Q- where are you most setituve ?
A- don't tell prince but I'm sensitive on my stumic

Q- who's your mom and dad ?
A- oh my mom is brenna and my dad is Albert

Q- where do you like to be touched ?
A- umm that's privet... 0////0"

Q- where do you like to be lic....
A- that's privet to don't ask that kind of question ! D\\:<
Well hope you guys enjoy me so see ya bye ^^

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