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Hello! Here u will find:requests,animation,healthbar videos and comedy.
Greeny [Male]
Bayton [Male]
Orange [Male]
Bluey [Female]
Robyn [Female]
Max [Male]
Milly [Female]
Caren [Female]
Nick [Male]
Mike [Male]
Kim [Female]
Sim [Male]
Zim [Male]
Jake [Male]
Blue [Male]
BagBoy [Male]
Mickey [Male]
Random [Male]
White [Female]
BoxBoy (BagBoy's brother) [Male]
(/•o•)/ flip this table ___|___|___
(/•o•)/ flip that table ___|___|___
___|___|___ \(•o•)/ ___|___|___ flip every table
(°^°) son...
(°•°) pick.
(°•°) up.
(°•°) the tables.
(°^°) NOW.

(/•o•)/ ___|___|___ never!!!!

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I'm leaving AnimeMaker.

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