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“Death before dishonor”

Rewatch the Entire #TheAnimatorClash 🥊
Start from the bottom and reach the Finale at the Top

Hi I’m Efrain!
But I Also Go By ¡GuyMakesComics! (¡GMC! for short)
Joined AnimeMaker July 18th 2019 2:42 PM
The Hub For Entertainment On AnimeMaker
I’m 17 years old and 🇺🇸🇸🇻
Yo Hable Español tambien!
Drama free.
Discord: Efrain_The_Name#5864
Favorite Single celled Organism: Ben

List of ¡GMC! Classic one liners:
“Oh Balls.”

Animes Coming out in the Future:

Elon Musk Smoking Weed
Jackie Chan Vector
Marlin Monroe Vector

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🟨🟡CannedHeart's Studios🟡🟨™ ...

Current upload delayed, unfortunate but school is priority

1 days ago   Reply

Alters mo account no more :(

In my account description

1 days ago   Reply

A.A 🎨

Plans all going smoothly, 2025!

1 weeks ago   Reply

fighting screen

**Karate Stance Engaged**

1 weeks ago   Reply (1)

S t a r e

I can stare back.

2 weeks ago   Reply (1)

Csillen vs Him (Full Fight)

LMAO good job on your first event!

2 weeks ago   Reply (1)

The Infinite 1-UP Glitch

More info about the prize Anime: You remember my Five nights at Freddy Animation? That but beating Super Mario Bros 1 as fast a possible to get the world record

2 weeks ago   Reply


Until you realize it’s self made

2 weeks ago   Reply