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(Damn I was edgy)
Look, the main point I wanna make is that I’m sorry for being such a bitch. I don’t regret it though, because an 11 year old feeling so pressured they have to save everyone is something no one should experience. It was hard to be so insensitive, but in order to leave the lake of depression that was the community, I needed to detach from everyone. Everything. I had to break free or I wouldn’t be here today. And I did. The consequences are still there and I won’t deny them. But one thing to know:

Things can change. People can change.

Aaaand now I’m just sarcastic and cynical and I really like anything having to do with art. Let me elaborate.

I. Am. A. Human.
I. Am. Not. Enderbat.

I don’t think my situation made me special. I don’t think I deserved any more attention than anyone else having a hard time. Also I was probably going through the edgy phase. Basically I’m now an older and not-so-much-wiser version of Nadia. Don’t treat me like the depressed suicidal mess that I was with 3 personalities and blah blah blah new emotions and hormones.
~ Forgive me or don’t or forget I existed,

Might stay, might not.

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