ɛɱɛཞąƖɖɖཞąɠơŋɖąཞƙɠąƖąҳყʂɬąཞῳơƖʄʄ_Ɩɛąɖɛཞ ơʄ ɖཞąɠơŋ-ῳơƖʄ ƈƖąŋ| ɖཞąɠơŋ ơʄ ɖɛąɬɧ| ცƖıʑʑąཞɖῳơƖʄɖཞąɠơŋ

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Well hello there boi! Its me Dark and a Dragon-wolf! Im the leader of the clan okay (>ω<) Soooo..when it comes to animes I just do random cause I have NO LIFE! So yeah mk? Bye Bye! Oh wait do you want some info about me? Okay… T-T But first people will read this and one second later they will forget it! Also... Plz notice me Typical ┭┮﹏┭┮
-Name: Dante
-Age: 13
-School: Cahuilla Desert Academy Middle School
-Where do I live: California
-Crush: Typical (≧▽≦)
-Fav Food: Pizza :3
-Fav Ice cream: Chocolate -u-
-Fav Dessert: Chocolate Pudding >~<
-Fav Animal: Wolf and Eagle :p
-Fav color(s): Light Blue,Green,Gray,and Dark Purple
-Fav Song: ”I do love you" by Kill Paris
-Bday: October 16
-Hobbies: Sleeping,Drawing,and Soccer :3
-Likes: To scare my sister and my brother and also my cousin hehehe
-Dislike: To do mostly all the chores and being watching or being stalk
-Animal Jam: Jolteon92437
Here's Some dumb questions people will ask and I will freaking answer those question mk?
Q:Are you a boy or a girl?
A: Duh a boy
Q: Do you have any siblings?
A: Yes, I do..I have a one brother (Oldest) and One Sister ( I am the middle child kms)
Q: Do you want to flirt with Typical?
A: No O///n\\\O
Q: What is your secret to tell typical do u want to tell her?
A: Not yet tho -//-
Q:Do you hate your life?
A: yes....Oh wait I am a 13 years old boy who has no life duh...
Q: what is your qoute about you hating your own life not in rl...in Animemaker?
A: okay? ”I am 13 years old Wolf-Boy has no fucking life"
Q: Are you sleepy and lazy at the same time?
A: Yes
Q: Do you want to hug Typical?
A: Yes! ;v;
Q: Do you wear glasses?
A: Yes -wO
Q: Do you want to go to the Mountains?
A: No...I feel like I was going to die ;-;
Q: Do you like SeaFood?
A: No sorry
Q: Are you a fan of Vegetables?
A: Eh, A little bit ;3;
Q: Do you like Fruits?
A: Yes ;w;
Q: Do You Like Meat? * Holds a Steak * do you??
A: * Drools * Yes!!! -3-
Q: Why Typical thinks that you are very cute when you are sleeping or grumpy?
A: hmm....well heh.. I guess..Well I don't know sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Q: When people Ship you and Typical what One thing you have and one dislike you have? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)?
A: Maybe for a like I guess its cute >///< since you know typical is...(。ŏ﹏ŏ) uhhhhhh * gulp* s-she is kinda c-cute for a dislike I guess will be annoying
Q:Are you gay?
A: Hell No

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