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Hello!, names ♡femboyhooters♡ and I'm a small male artist trying to improve, I'm a very weird person but eh. The art I do on digital is not like my canon art. Just some fast art I can do with my fingers. It's really hard to draw with your fingers. I do have tumbler but I'm not comfortable enough to share it to people as of yet due to my self esteem being very low for my art.
Q:what's your name?
Q:how old are you?
Q:do you like rping?
A:indeed I do.
Q:what pronouns would you like to be called?
A:him/he or they/them/it
trans male ♀️->♂️
Q:What's your sexuality
Q:any other social media I can find you in?
A:won't say as of yet.
I do have a ps4 and I play a few games on it [overwatch(mainly), dead by daylight, minecraft,ect] my username is midnightfairy06 so hit me up if you wanna play with me 💖💖

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