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The Sheeters! (My popularity is dying. Send help.)

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Friend me on Discord! : The Sheeters#1161

(Old) DISCLAIMER: I’m In No Way Affiliated With Steven Universe Or The Characters. I Use These Due To Loving The Show Regardless Of Messing Anything Up. Note That I Use These Characters As For Fun.

Hello there! It’s ya boi, The Sheeters! Getting em all with dem art fools

(I’m would occasionally be roleplaying as Steven if it was necessary lol.)

Age: 14
Purpose: ????
Games or Shows I Like: WWE, Sonic, Steven Universe, OK K.O.
Friends: My real life friends, People I followed

Lol I suck plz leave. don’t look through this page. unless you want to be my friend.

(When I Roleplay As Steven)

Age: 16-17
Purpose: To Keep Beach City Positive.
Good Foods: Vegetarian Foods Like Salad, Protein Shakes Also Cookie Cat!
Not-So-Goods: ???
Games or Shows I Like: ???
Friends: My Real Life Friends, Pearl, Amethyst, Garnet, Connie, Onion, Lion, The Diamonds, Spinel, Other Friends I Have!

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